Raneem Gashgari

Research Specialist

Center of Excellence for Complex Engineering Systems

Raneem Gashgari Is a research specialist at the Center for Complex Engineering Systems (CCES) at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She received a BSc in Industrial Engineering from King Abdulaziz University. For her senior project, she worked on optimizing the final exam scheduling process at her university. She also worked on two research papers while still being a student; The Effect of Rooftop Garden on Internal Temperature of Buildings and A Comparison Between Growing Plants in Hydroponic System and Soil Based System. With her work, Raneem had the opportunity to participate in international conferences and winning first place for best undergraduate presentation. Her current research interest includes optimization and design experiment. For fun, Raneem likes to ride the bike and practice yoga.